February 09, 2018

CHAT AT THE BOOKSTORE AT GRACE: Policing the Black Man Panel Discussion

The panel will explore the historical and systemic impact of America’s criminal justice system on black men and boys. “By the end of 2009, the number of black men on probation, in prison, in jail, or on parole roughly equaled the number enslaved in 1850.” Panelists will also discuss why African American communities must become change agents for disparity in the criminal justice system to change. Consequently remedies in the book to bring about change will also be discussed.

March 07, 2017

Twenty-Three Years of Harrigan Dance Worship Service At Grace

Mt. Vernon, NY, March 7, 2017 — Harrigan Educational and Cultural Center, Inc. Dance Worship Ministry at Grace will dance their way in to twenty-three years of continuous Dance Worship Services at Grace Baptist Church, 52 S. 6th Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY on Saturday, March 18, at 6:30pm and Sunday, March 19, 2017 at 5:30pm.

The Dance Ministry Worship Service titled, “The Spirit of Love” is praise that highlights the “Fruits of The Spirit”...love, joy, peace, long suffering, goodness, deliverance and faith. Attributes that the Dance Ministry embraces to guide their lives and caused Grace’s Senior Pastor Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson to support dance ministry at the church after it was introduced to him by a non-member. Now a long-time member, Dr. Harrigan’s ministry has drawn the young and young at heart from children to adults and seniors.

Many children began dancing with the ministry at age five and continued until they danced off to college. Some like Veora Layton Robinson began as a youth and continued her twenty-one year dance experience while she earned her undergraduate and masters degrees to become a public school teacher and a choreographer with the ministry.  She is a minister with the church and will graduate from New York Theological Seminary in 2017.  Others have left to study law, business and health and returned to the ministry after completing their studies.

Harrigan Dance Ministry at Grace is not only an inspirational and spiritual component of this Body of Christ; it is a positive example for girls, boys, women and men to launch other parts of their lives. DVDs of Harrigan Educational and Cultural Center Inc.’s Dance Worship Service at Grace will be available through The Bookstore at Grace and the ministry after their annual May performance at Lehman College.


November 09, 2015


Mt. Vernon, NY - November 9, 2015 - Grace Baptist Church is challenging surveys that for years have indicated that younger generations of adults in the U. S. are less likely than older Americans to identify with a religious group. At Grace, the youngest to the older, young members of this 127-year-old historic congregation are sharing their strong affiliation with their church in video testaments.

Their witness supports their gratitude for the church in their lives and the importance of the church's presence in Mt. Vernon and surrounding communities.  Grace is nearing the last phase of its funding campaign to expand the church's outreach through the addition of the Grace Cathedral to their existing edifice.

At a time when African American children, families and communities are under seige with few options for cover. The new addition will allow Grace to serve more children, families and communities that urgently need the care of the church.

This is not the first time that Grace congregants have shared their gratitude for the church.  In 2011 they shared their appreciation for their pastor's significance in their lives and his impact on communities locally and across the country in their first book Reflections From The Pew: A 36 Year Journey... And The People Speak About W. Franklyn Richardson.  The book is available in the product section of this site.


July 12, 2015

Grace Kids In Praise Concert 2015

The annual Season of Children and Youth culminated at the end of June with the Children's Choir and Voices of Grace in concert at Grace Baptist Church.  Pastor W. Franklyn Richardson and their Grace family enthusiastically supported their Kids In Praise.

Children's Choir director Tyrone P. Patrick rearranged several popular songs into praise renditions for the children who performed them flawlessly. The Voices of Grace exuded the enthusiasm and fire of their director Archie F. Manning in delivering powerful praise selections.

The Children's Choir and Voices of Grace are on vacation until September.  Parents interested in having their children participate in either choral group should contact Tyrone Patrick for the Children's Choir and Archie Manning for Voices of Grace.

The concert DVD is available at the Bookstore At Grace.


June 18, 2015

Unique Kickstarter Campaign To Publish Phenomenal Black Heritage

BlackNews.Com shares news that time is ticking down. Only seven days are left to become one of the backers of a “Unique Kickstarter Campaign To Publish Phenomenal Black Heritage.”  A successful Kickstarter Campaign will allow me to self-publish my debut nonfiction saga, “Finding America's $57 Million Freedmen:  In Search of "40 Acres and A Mule."

Read BlackNews.Com at: http://www.blacknews.com/news/unique-kickstarter-campaign-to-publish-phenomenal-black-heritage/ or go to my Kickstarter Campaign at: www.kickstarter.com/projects/338543610/finding-americas-57000000-freedmen

I was challenged to research and share the history of my hometown of Savannah, Georgia by one of my mentors, civil rights activist, the late Westley Wallace (W. W.) Law.  W. W. Law served as president of the Savannah Branch NAACP for 25 years and as the visionary for the preservation of Black culture and history during the last 25 years of his life.

While fulfilling his challenge to me to learn and share the history of “40 Acres and A Mule”, I stumbled upon the most astonishing achievement. I learned that America’s newly freed slaves amassed $57 million dollar in nine years, after their emancipation, between 1865 and 1874 in the Freedmen’s Bank.  It was this finding that caused my research paper to turn in to a book.

W. E. B. DuBois was first to write about their amazing accomplishment in his book "Black Reconstruction In America" published in 1935. DuBois served as NAACP Director of Publicity and Research, and editor of its Crisis magazine.


February 20, 2015

Pastor's Book Club 100: Children Book Author Wanda J. Harding At Grace For Youth Sunday








Mt. Vernon, NY--February 20, 2015--Wanda J. Harding, a Technical Director for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and a former National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) mission control manager, is the author of "When I Consider God's Amazing Universe" and Pastor's Book Club 100 children book author for Heritage Month at Grace.  Ms. Harding's book is inspired by Psalms 8:3, "When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place," is written from a biblical perspective for new born to age four.  She will be at Grace for youth Sunday, February 22, 2015, and is a special guest for Grace's Church School Black History Program.  She will sign copies of her book after all three services at The Bookstore At Grace.

Wanda is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and a graduate of the Benjamin E Mays High School Academy of Math and Science.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Hampton University (Virginia) and a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta).  Currently she serves as Technical Director for the NOAA Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS), the nation's next generation of polar-orbiting weather and environmental monitoring satellites.  Prior to joining NOAA in 2013, she served as a Senior Mission Manager with the NASA Launch Services Program at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where she led the NASA mission integration teams on a number of science missions, including the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover in 2011.

Wanda accepted Christ, and was baptized, at an early age while growing up at Antioch Baptist Church, North.  She is the oldest daughter of Mrs. Wendolyn and the late William "Bill" Harding, who she credits as providing her with a foundation, built on the best of home, church, and school.  She currently resides in Maryland, and is an active member of The People's Community Baptist Church in Silver Spring, MD.  She is also a member of the National Society of Black Engineers, and the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

December 08, 2014

Introducing Grace Logo Products

The Bookstore At Grace introduces Grace Logo products. Grace logo products are unique because they are individually customized for a single item or multiple item orders.  Grace logo products are a collaborative effort in conjunction with the Grace Scholarship Ministry.  Additional products are being added to the collections.

December 06, 2014

Charlotte Phoenix pens debut novel “Revelations”

Mt. Vernon, N.Y. – Dr. Charlotte Phoenix will sign copies of her debut novel “Revelations” at The Bookstore At Grace on Sunday, December 14, 2014 after 9:30a.m. and 11:30a.m. services. Dr. Phoenix shares America’s social evolution in her first novel.

Raised in a multi-generational family, she has always been fascinated by the stories and anecdotes of her ancestors. In “Revelations” she intertwines these stories with research and her imagination to create a fictional family saga spanning five generations. This historical fiction novel told through five generations of women’s voices provides their personal perspectives on historic events and on the political, economic and social climate in America during the time periods in which they live. 

Dr. Phoenix is president of Grace’s MOCCA Ministry. She teaches 7-9 year olds in Children's Church and offers free college counseling as part of the PSAT Prep Ministry, developed and led by Dr. Barbara Sanders. She served as a college educator and administrator for 40 years, 37 of them at Medgar Evers College and The City University of New York. She co-hosted two internationally televised courses, made numerous professional presentations, published a number of articles and a college-planning guide.

Dr. Phoenix’s book is also available online at www.bookstoreatgrace.org. For additional information contact Velma McKenzie-Orr at 914-664-2676 or manager@thebookstoreatgrace.org

May 14, 2014

Postcards From Cookie


Postcards From CookieMt. Vernon, NY, May 15, 2014 - Caroline Clarke, award-winning journalist and host of Black "Enterprise" Business Report, is Grace Baptist Church's Season of Women author.  The Bookstore At Grace, Grace Literary Arts Ministry and Women's Ministry will host an evening with Caroline Clarke reading, discussion, and book signing on Friday, May 30, 2014 at 7p.m. at 52 S. 6th Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY.  Caroline will read an excerpt from her new book Postcards From Cookie: A Memoir of Motherhood, Miracles, and a Whole Lot of Mail.

Caroline is the only child of her adoptive educator parents and was the overall joy of their lives until she married and gave them two grandchildren to expand their joy.  She was loved unconditionally and nurtured and she thrived as a part of her large, close knit West Indian family and was a college freshman by sixteen.  "Born in an era when adoptions were shameful, secret, and sealed...Caroline wondered about her biological parents.  She kept her curiosity in check, until a series of small health problems raised concerns about her genetic heritage and its consequences for her two children's lives and her own.”

  In pursuit of information to help her doctors better understand her health issues she meets with a social worker at "Spence-Chapin Family Service, the agency that handled her adoption."  The information she received did not include the name of her mother but it guides her journalist mind, while she is driving home from the agency, through a process of elimination to realize that she knew the prominent entertainment family that was her biological family. It wasn't hard for her to do because not many black families with five children were chauffer driven and flying across country on private planes in the 1950s and 1960s. She realize as she is running families through her head that she “has known her biological family for over twenty-years” but she is shocked as she realize that one of her close friends is a member of her biological family and that she had spent the night at her house. She abruptly guides her car out of traffic over to the curb. She had to a stop to get her bearings and calm herself because she is almost certain that she comes from the "Unforgettable" duet singing family of iconic singer Nat "King" Cole and Natalie Cole and the eldest Cole daughter Cookie is her mother.  

January 15, 2014

The President's Devotional

Mt. Vernon, NY--Now, you too can read and benefit from the daily messages that helped to sustain President Barack Obama during some of his most challenging times during the past six years.  If ever there was a person who needed a prayer and meditation partner, President Barack Obama is that person. 

Serving as president during what is among the most divisive and mean spirited times in the history of this country, 44 needed Joshua Dubois whom the media dubbed his pastor-in-chief.  Probably no other person has had President Obama's experience more closely than 42, and like Jackie Robinson, he was equipped with fortitude which Joshua Dubois kept infused with daily reminders that God is in control.  Dubois, former executive director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, compiled in his new book "The President's Devotional" 365 of the most compelling messages that he emailed to President Obama. The book is available at The Bookstore At Grace, 52 S 6th Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY 10550 and through its eStore www.bookstoreatgrace.org.

"Every morning [Joshua] sends me via e-mail a daily meditation. A snippet of Scripture for me to reflect on, and it has meant the world to me."--President Barak Obama, quoted in the "New York Times"


"The religious practice of President Obama...is in the spotlight thanks to a new book about his prayer life by his former staff member Joshua DuBois. In "The Presidents Devotional", DuBois compiles the prayers and bits of Scripture and inspiration that he has been e-mailing the president every morning."--USA Today

"Whatever else history records of Obama's years in the White House, it must include that this president was offered a type of spiritual nurture unique among America's chief executives--customized devotionals delivered daily. Thanks to DuBois, we too can be instructed and inspired by words intended to sustain a president."--Stephen Mansfield, "New York Times" bestselling author

"It's absolutely essential all leaders receive daily direction, spiritual guidance, and soul-nourishing input from God's Word. Having served at the center of American government, Joshua understands better than many how draining leadership can be, and how we must refresh ourselves daily through time with God, thinking about eternal truths."--Rick Warren, author of "The Purpose Driven Life"