January 15, 2014

The President's Devotional

Mt. Vernon, NY--Now, you too can read and benefit from the daily messages that helped to sustain President Barack Obama during some of his most challenging times during the past six years.  If ever there was a person who needed a prayer and meditation partner, President Barack Obama is that person. 

Serving as president during what is among the most divisive and mean spirited times in the history of this country, 44 needed Joshua Dubois whom the media dubbed his pastor-in-chief.  Probably no other person has had President Obama's experience more closely than 42, and like Jackie Robinson, he was equipped with fortitude which Joshua Dubois kept infused with daily reminders that God is in control.  Dubois, former executive director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, compiled in his new book "The President's Devotional" 365 of the most compelling messages that he emailed to President Obama. The book is available at The Bookstore At Grace, 52 S 6th Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY 10550 and through its eStore www.bookstoreatgrace.org.

"Every morning [Joshua] sends me via e-mail a daily meditation. A snippet of Scripture for me to reflect on, and it has meant the world to me."--President Barak Obama, quoted in the "New York Times"


"The religious practice of President Obama...is in the spotlight thanks to a new book about his prayer life by his former staff member Joshua DuBois. In "The Presidents Devotional", DuBois compiles the prayers and bits of Scripture and inspiration that he has been e-mailing the president every morning."--USA Today

"Whatever else history records of Obama's years in the White House, it must include that this president was offered a type of spiritual nurture unique among America's chief executives--customized devotionals delivered daily. Thanks to DuBois, we too can be instructed and inspired by words intended to sustain a president."--Stephen Mansfield, "New York Times" bestselling author

"It's absolutely essential all leaders receive daily direction, spiritual guidance, and soul-nourishing input from God's Word. Having served at the center of American government, Joshua understands better than many how draining leadership can be, and how we must refresh ourselves daily through time with God, thinking about eternal truths."--Rick Warren, author of "The Purpose Driven Life"