March 22, 2013

Faith With Works: Let Us Rise Up And Build

Mt. Vernon, NY (April 17, 2013) -- Grace Baptist Church, 52 S. 6th Ave. reached a major milestone on February 25, 2013. The church is continuing to lift hallelujah praise for faith with works for their over 25-year journey to acquire and demolish the building that was the last physical obstacle between their existing church and the site where they will construct and expand into "The Cathedral of Grace".  Grace serves its growing congregation and need for a larger building by having three services every Sunday and juggling its weekly schedule for the expanding number of church and community requests to use its limited available meeting and program space. 
The milestone is documented in this video with sound tracks from its Senior Pastor W. Franklyn Richardson and Cathedral Choir under the direction of Minister of Music Derrick L. James.  The church's renowned Cathedral Choir along with its four other choirs (Men, Young Adults, Voices of Grace (teenagers) and Youth) can be heard on Pastor Richardson's sermon DVDs and CDs available at The Bookstore At Grace physical and online store at