April 12, 2013

Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson Release Debut CD "Songs of A Shepherd" - by Barbara Adamson

W. Franklyn Richardson’s debut CD “Songs Of A Shepherd” is a spiritual awakening roused by his melodious voice. In tandem with background vocals by Grace Baptist Church Cathedral Choir Ensemble and Saxophonist Mike Phillips, he takes you to a sacred place on every song. 

One of my favorites, “I Want To Believe”, written by Grace Baptist Church Minister of Music Derrick L. James for this debut album is a beautiful song of prayer based on one of Pastor Richardson’s sermons about the man who asked Jesus to heal his son. “I Want To Believe” sums up the man’s struggle and those that many Christians still face today, belief and doubt, simultaneously. “I Want To Believe” represents something special to me.  “Oh Lord, remove my unbelief.”  You, too, will find a place in your heart and soul for this song, as well as, many other tracks on this CD.

Pastor Richardson’s 5,000 members Grace Baptist Church in Mt. Vernon, New York are blessed by his singing every Sunday. Now his bold baritone voice is shared on this 12-track CD which he introduces on track one. He testifies about, “how blessed he is to share these songs of faith”, which he says, “have been partners in his ministry... they capture in them the warmth of spirituality that sustains the Christian church of Jesus Christ, testimonies of trials and tribulations endured in the challenges of life. More over they talk of the glorious hope of the Christian. As you listen”, he concludes, “may they fuel more enthusiasm for your faith.”

“Songs of A Shepherd” may be this Shepherd’s debut CD but it is a spirit filled CD worth sharing with others. I look forward to others coming to fruition.