November 07, 2013

The Village of Grace Needs You To Be A Light

Are you a light In the Village of Grace?  If not, this is your invitation with several ways to "Be A Light" because it does  “Take A Village".

The church has long been the beacon lighting the way in the African American community.  So it is no surprise that the Village of Grace is "emerging from the ministry work of Grace Baptist Church.”

You can help widen this beacon and light the way for more under served children and youth by purchasing a ticket and joining Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson at “The Village of Grace Awards Dinner”, or by making an investment in the Village of Grace through one of many sponsorships listed at or by making a donation. Your light will help the Village of Grace continue providing "programs and services in the areas of children and youth development, health, education, job training, housing and community development, music, arts and culture for all ages."

Through its "Grace and Ujamaa Community Development Corporations which have grown into their own distinct vehicles of change and effective conduits for investing in under served communities,"  the Village of Grace has provided free summer enrichment programs with a focus on reading through Grace CDC Freedom Schools serving up to 500 scholars, between the ages of 6 and 14, annually for more than ten years in Mount Vernon, NY.  The Village of Grace stepped in the gap to make up for the absence of music education in public schools by opening the Grace School of Music with Wesley Reynoso and has constructed more than 400 units of senior and family housing. In addition, its partnership with Westchester County One-Stop Employment Center helped to launch the county’s first virtual job fair.

Phillip McConnell described the Village of Grace in his article “Building For Future” in the 125th Church Anniversary edition of Inside Grace magazine.  He said, "The Village of Grace is not a small narrow space; it’s not just Mount Vernon, NY…  The Village of Grace is the regions from where the members come and where the church has influence… There are people who watch the simulcast worship faithfully in Iraq, Uganda, and Japan, in Atlanta, Georgia, Baltimore, Maryland, Los Angeles, California and a thousand other places.” It is a global outreach.