December 07, 2013

Archie F. Manning "Keeping It R.E.A.L."

Author Archie F. Manning says in his first book that those who "read a book, manuscript or something productive at least 15 minutes every day are Keeping It R.E.A.L."  Mr. Manning's recommendation is not just for students but is for anyone whose goal is to succeed in their endeavor.  In the video below he reads an excerpt from the chapter in his book entitled "Readers Are Leaders" to explain why and how readers become leaders. 

"Keeping It R.E.A.L." is a Bookstore At Grace Christmas gift recommendation and is available at 20% off during The Bookstore At Grace "All The Days Until Christmas Savings" through December 25, 2013. "Keeping It R.E.A.L." is available at The Bookstore At Grace at 52 S. 6th Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY 10550, 914-664-2676 or online at 

The Bookstore At Grace, over the next several weeks and into the new year, will highlight books from Pastor W. Franklyn Richardson's list of 25 must read books that were announced in the 125th Anniversary issue of Inside Grace Magazine.




November 07, 2013

The Village of Grace Needs You To Be A Light

Phillip McConnell described the Village of Grace in his article “Building For Future” in the 125th Church Anniversary special edition of Inside Grace magazine.  He said, "The Village of Grace is not a small narrow space; it’s not just Mount Vernon, NY…  The Village of Grace is the regions from where the members come and where the church has influence… There are people who watch the simulcast worship faithfully in Iraq, Uganda, and Japan, in Atlanta, Georgia, Baltimore, Maryland, Los Angeles, California and a thousand other places.” It is a global outreach.

April 18, 2013

I Want To Believe


Mt. Vernon, NY -- (April 18, 2013) Rev. Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson’s debut CD “Songs of A Shepherd” resonate with the sound of his more than 40-years ministry of witnessing for Jesus.  Listeners will hear a mix of hymns, traditional gospel and contemporary songs that cross cultural, generational and denominational boundaries on this sound track that echoes Christian worship experiences. 


"Songs of A Shepherd" is available in iTunes and 14 other digital stores to make it more accessible for digital and social media savvy music buyers as well as traditional music consumers at The Bookstore At Grace.  Emerging as one of the favorite tracks is "I Want To Believe" written by album producer, vocal arranger and Grace’s Minister of Music Derrick L. James specifically for his pastor to sing for this project.  Dr. Richardson calls the songs selected for his debut CD “partners in my ministry and fuel to help me along my journey.”  

On this album, he sings the songs of Sunday morning getting ready for church while listening to the radio; the prayerfulness of  “I need You Now”; the struggle with faith that most people are challenged by in “I Want To Believe”; the thankfulness of having a testimony that leads to “I Won’t Complain” and the comfort of knowing that Jesus lives through “It Is Well With My Soul”.  Additional songs on this 12-track CD share messages to fuel personal faith and worship experiences.

Proceeds from the sale of the CD will benefit Grace Baptist Church’s Lifestyle Capital Stewardship Campaign to construct and expand the existing church to the Cathedral of Grace to serve this growing congregation of more than 5,000 members, Mt. Vernon and surrounding communities and national outreach with global streaming of services and programs.

April 12, 2013

Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson Release Debut CD "Songs of A Shepherd" - by Barbara Adamson

W. Franklyn Richardson’s debut CD “Songs Of A Shepherd” is a spiritual awakening roused by his melodious voice. In tandem with background vocals by Grace Baptist Church Cathedral Choir Ensemble and Saxophonist Mike Phillips, he takes you to a sacred place on every song. 

One of my favorites, “I Want To Believe”, written by Grace Baptist Church Minister of Music Derrick L. James for this debut album is a beautiful song of prayer based on one of Pastor Richardson’s sermons about the man who asked Jesus to heal his son. “I Want To Believe” sums up the man’s struggle and those that many Christians still face today, belief and doubt, simultaneously. “I Want To Believe” represents something special to me.  “Oh Lord, remove my unbelief.”  You, too, will find a place in your heart and soul for this song, as well as, many other tracks on this CD.

Pastor Richardson’s 5,000 members Grace Baptist Church in Mt. Vernon, New York are blessed by his singing every Sunday. Now his bold baritone voice is shared on this 12-track CD which he introduces on track one. He testifies about, “how blessed he is to share these songs of faith”, which he says, “have been partners in his ministry... they capture in them the warmth of spirituality that sustains the Christian church of Jesus Christ, testimonies of trials and tribulations endured in the challenges of life. More over they talk of the glorious hope of the Christian. As you listen”, he concludes, “may they fuel more enthusiasm for your faith.”

“Songs of A Shepherd” may be this Shepherd’s debut CD but it is a spirit filled CD worth sharing with others. I look forward to others coming to fruition.


March 22, 2013

Faith With Works: Let Us Rise Up And Build

Mt. Vernon, NY (April 17, 2013) -- Grace Baptist Church, 52 S. 6th Ave. reached a major milestone on February 25, 2013. The church is continuing to lift hallelujah praise for faith with works for their over 25-year journey to acquire and demolish the building that was the last physical obstacle between their existing church and the site where they will construct and expand into "The Cathedral of Grace".  Grace serves its growing congregation and need for a larger building by having three services every Sunday and juggling its weekly schedule for the expanding number of church and community requests to use its limited available meeting and program space. 
The milestone is documented in this video with sound tracks from its Senior Pastor W. Franklyn Richardson and Cathedral Choir under the direction of Minister of Music Derrick L. James.  The church's renowned Cathedral Choir along with its four other choirs (Men, Young Adults, Voices of Grace (teenagers) and Youth) can be heard on Pastor Richardson's sermon DVDs and CDs available at The Bookstore At Grace physical and online store at

December 27, 2012

And The People Speak: Practicing "Kujichagulia" The Second Principle of Kwanzaa

Mt. Vernon, NY (December 27, 2012) -- In November 2011, Grace Baptist Church, a congregation of more than four thousand members were finalizing plans to present a leather bound copy of their first congregational book Reflections From The Pew...A 36 Year Journey... And The People Speak About W. Franklyn Richardson to their pastor.  In doing so, they were practicing the second principle of Kwanzaa, Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), by defining, naming, creating and speaking for themselves about one of their role models.

It didn’t take long to realize that the 360 members and non-members of Grace who wrote reflections about Pastor W. Franklyn Richardson were role models too. Through their participation in compiling Reflections From The Pew, they created a documented antidote to Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich’s venomous assertions that there were no role models in America’s African American communities.  Reflections From The Pew is a model for the importance of Kujichagulia and illustrates what can happen when we don’t speak for ourselves; someone will make up a history and attribute it to you.   

Reflections From The Pew...A 36 Year Journey... And The People Speak About W. Franklyn Richardson is available at The Bookstore At Grace or the eStore or by contacting Velma McKenzie-Orr at 914-664-2676 or