CD: Will Finley - More of Thee

William "Will" Finley was raised in a home full of blues,  jazz and soul music in Brooklyn, NY.  He developed an ear for music and started singing at a very early age.  By the time he was eight, people described him as an “Old Soul” as a result of his vocal abilities.  In 1987 he joined Higher Consciousness, a four man singing group, who performed R & B with a Hip Hop flare and a positive message. 

In 1992 Higher Consciousness parted ways and Will left the music scene for several years after the loss of his parents.  In 1999 God led him to Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, NY where he participates in the music ministry.  In 2004 William performed Holy Spirit On Grace Baptist Church Choir Live CD Breakthrough.   He was then inspired to get back into the studio and work on his own CD project "More of Thee".