Policing the Black Man: Arrest, Prosecution, and Imprisonment

Policing The Black Man edited and co-authored by Professor Angela J. Davis argue that inequality, bias, empathy and oppression are major themes dominating the criminal justice system that administer justice for black men and boys. She compiled this anthology of eleven powerful essays that argue black men “are policed and treated worse than their similarly situated white counterparts at every step of the criminal justice system, from arrest through sentencing.”


Policing the Black Man: Arrest, Prosecution, and Imprisonment is filled with staggering statistics about black men in America's criminal justice system. It is a historical overview of African Americans from their arrival in the American colonies as indentured servants in 1619 up through their brutal journey from slavery to freedom in it various forms of oppression; on to the current systemic treatment of black men, boys, women and girls in America's criminal justice system. 

This must read book makes strategic recommendations to start implementing new actions now, to prevent the next occurrence that enrages us to the streets before your son, brother, father, husband, uncle and friends are policed to death. JOIN US IN BEGINNING THIS CHANGE ON FEBRUARY 11, 2018 for a panel discussion.

Contributors to this book are:

1. A Presumption of Guilt: The Legacy of America's History of Racial Injustice Pg 3, Bryan Stevenson
2. The Endurance of Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System 31, Marc Mauer

3. Boys to Men: The Role of Policing in the Socialization of Black Boys 57, Kristin Henning

4. Racial Profiling: The Law, the Policy, and the Practice 95, Renee McDonald Hutchins

5. Making Implicit Bias Explicit: Black Men and the Police 135,  Katheryn Russell- Brown

 6. Policing: A Model for the Twenty-first Century 161,  Tracey Meares and Tom Tyler

7. The Prosecution of Black Men 178, Angela J. Davis

8. The Grand Jury and Police Violence Against Black Men 209, Roger A. Fairfax, Jr.

9. Elected Prosecutors and Police Accountability 234, Ronald F. Wright

10. Do Black Lives Matter to the Courts? 255, Jin Hee Lee and Sherrilyn A. Ifill

11. Poverty, Violence, and Black Incarceration 294
Jeremy Travis and Bruce Western